Rugby Six Nations 2018: Fixtures, News And Updates

The Six Nations Championship is an annual rugby championship competition between six countries, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales and Scotland. This is a modification of the Home Nations Championship which was played between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland till 1939. Italy was added last to the five nations to become six in 2000 leading to the formation of the Six Nations Championship.

It usually follows a league format, where each team will be played with the remaining five and finalists will be decided based on their wins and points. The winners are titled as the Northern Hemisphere Champions all over the media.

Rugby Six Nations 2018 Fixtures

The 2018 Six Nations Championship will be the 19th year in the six nations series and the 124th year if the earlier series are included. It will be sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and its title will be sponsored by NatWest, thus making its title NatWest Six Nations 2018. It will be contested by the last year’s winner, England in their home and will be carried out with the point system as usual.

Rugby Six Nations 2018 Fixtures

The 2018 Six Nations starts on the main few days of February to commence a standout amongst the most excitedly foreseen titles on the rugby timetable. The last match of the series will be on 17th March, after which the semi-final matches and final matches will take place. The entire series will take place for five weeks, in each of which there will be three matches between six teams. This will be telecasted in two channels BBC One and ITV, which will take turns to air the match each week.

Rugby Six Nations Discussions

  • With England hoping to hold the title for the second time, it might aim to win the title three times in succession inside and out.
  • It won’t be simple for England with Eddie Jones’ side missing various players due to damage and suspension and five different groups gunning to grab the title far from them. Having beaten England a year ago and giving Jones his exclusive defeat, Ireland will most likely plan to discover the consistency expected to win back the title that they lost in 2015.
  • Scotland, on the other hand, will be the silent knights for the title, with Gregor Townsend’s side playing an impressive deal that puts the focus on getting to see the potential for a lot of other extra points, which could demonstrate as a pivotal strategy towards the end.
  • France will without a doubt develop an obscure strategy after the choice was taken to replace Guy Noves with Jacques Brunel as the head mentor and with the Frenchman choosing to call-up various youthful players would likely trigger the unfolding of another prospect of success for French rugby, while Italy will accomplish more than expected to make up for the numbers as Conor O’Shea keeps on attempting and enhancing their fortunes, regardless of whether the possibility of them winning the title remains likely or unlikely of the results.

Six Nations is one of the most hyped-about rugby championships in the world. Though only those six countries participate, it is rejoiced and celebrated all over the world and famed over by rugby fanatics like their own country is in it.

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