Watch Rugby Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming In HD

The Six Nations Championship is almost here. Rugby fans from all over the world are looking forward to the most-awaited tournament of the season and there is nothing that can stop them from watching the series (it has always been along the lines of beg, borrow, or steal). Until the year 2000, it was known under the name the Five Nations Championship.

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Once it was changed to Six Nations Championship, it earned even more followers and excited fans as this meant the addition of another country to the competition, that being Italy. This could be considered as a historical event for all we know!

Why don’t we find free Rugby games online?

Now, like all the others, we don’t always get what we want. If you have got a friend in the neighborhood who is pretty rich and has got connections with the ones who work behind the curtains of airing the game, consider yourself lucky. And we are sorry to say this but since rugby isn’t popular in many countries yet, the TV stations don’t make it a necessity to buy the rights to the event. This is what comes to a major disappointment to those people (Rugby Union fans, expats) that have been itching to watch the game after all this time and not having any means to achieve the same (sad life).

Is there some way to get access to the games online for free?

Rugby Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming

Yes, there is! What they say is true- Nothing is impossible. Get a Virtual Private Network for Sports to watch Rugby Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming for unlimited hours online from any country. A VPN would roughly act as an agent to help you transgress borders and help you pretend to be in a different country, thereby aiding you in watching the show. That’s how you access Rugby Six Nations Live Streaming online for free.

Where can we access the Six Nation Championship?

There is no restriction whatsoever to watch these free Rugby streaming online. Doesn’t matter if you are in a country where geo-restriction can make all the difference but a VPN will help you secure a safe place from where you can watch any ongoing or upcoming matches in the tournament.

Rugby Six Nations 2018

Generally, the shows would be broadcasted on Freeview terrestrial British TV channels, UK’s BBC or ITV channels. Yes, to clear your haze of confusion, all 15 matches would be aired on the aforementioned channels. Meaning, if you can access BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub online without any hurdles, then you’ve totally bagged the free luggage for this season with VPN for Sports closely around! (Even if you aren’t a UK resident)

How can we live stream Six Nations Rugby on BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub online with a Virtual Private Network?

Here are the steps to unlock the Six Nations and to pretend as if you live in the UK.

  1. Select a VPN service. It is highly suggested that you look up NordVPN to stream the Six Nations Championship as it has got supersonic servers in the UK with which you can watch the Rugby in HD.
  2. Visit the website proffered by the VPN and subscribe to the same.
  3. Now, all you need to do is to install the VPN software on any or all of your devices. With ExpressVPN you can install the VPN software on three devices so that you can watch Six Nations without any external agent coming and biting off your ear.
  4. Get a connection with a server in the UK.
  5. You can now redirect yourself to either the BBC or ITV online hub to watch Six Nations Live Streaming online for free.

Where else to watch Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming?

If in case you wish to watch a game that has got a different nation’s commentary, you may want to look up some of the other channels that will broadcast Six Nations Live:

  • S4C (Wales)
  • FR2 (France)
  • TV3 (Ireland)
  • DMAX (Italy)
  • NBC (USA)
  • BBC (UK)
  • ITV (UK)

Even if you are to watch the match from these channels, you have to be connected to a VPN so that you can establish a secure connection and also watch the match peacefully.

If you want to try your hand at watching the rugby on NBC from outside of the United States, we suggest that you watch it on Sling TV. Sling TV is an online streaming service but it isn’t free, although it has got a 7-day free trial. Seeking UK options are safer and also more productive as they are free.

About Six Nations Championship

The Five Nations Championship came about as a follower of the Home Nations Championship, which had begun in 1883 and came to an end in 1939. After this, the name was altered to the Five Nations as France was now introduced into the competition. In 2000, a new country was added to the list and the name was changed to Six Nations Championship.

Following are the countries that take part in the tournament every season:

  • England
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Scotland
  • Wales

It is also currently addressed as the NatWest 6 Nations.

What are the dates of NatWest 6 Nations?

The tournament of 2018 is scheduled to take place from Saturday, February 3rd until Saturday, March 17th. It is on the ‘Super Saturday’ or the final Saturday that all the three matches happen to occur.

On A Final Note

With technology having swept the new-gen off their feet with a success so humungous, we can only hope that we haven’t already become puppets controlled by strings. To some extent, it’s all good. You don’t have to count your notes anymore (online banking agents can do that) and there are several countless things that the Internet can do and we can’t. Every bone is slowly turning into little lazy monsters as time surpasses into tiny eternities and let us pray that the Internet won’t overtake us wholly anytime in the future if it hasn’t already.